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About Us

Find out more about Shelley Park Neuro Care Centre

Shelley Park is a long established progressive specialist neurological care and rehabilitation facility in the south of England. Shelley Park prides itself on its excellent regional and national reputation achieved through its extensive experience in the delivery of complex neurological care, rehabilitation, psychological and emotional support services.

At the same time we ensure it remains at the cutting edge of the recognition, development, and implementation of specialist neurological therapy and care models. This, in combination with its considerable experience in complex neurological care, results in comprehensive support, and  positive outcomes for its client  base.


Shelley Park provides comfortable and modern residential accommodations, major elements of which have been purpose built and specifically designed for residential, day service, respite care and community based clients.​

All our units are located within thriving communities which allows for the promotion of independence and return to community where possible. We can offer daily community access to all our residents. We have step down units based in the community at various locations within Dorset subject to the individual’s needs. 

We also have independent living flats based on the main campus which allows a thorough assessment to tailor a person-centred discharge plan, to ensure long-term success.




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