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What people say about Shelley Park


“I can’t thank Shelley Park enough for helping since my brain injury. Thanks to the support of Shelley Park I now live in my own Flat and I have got my life back.


I still struggle with the effects of my brain injury, but I have learnt techniques to deal with my memory problems”


“For someone suffering with a brain injury Shelley Park is the best place to go.”

“At Shelley Park you have a chance to do more.”


"What an amazing place Shelley Park Neuro Centre is! This is our story and how Shelley Park have helped us as a family, to help our son.


Our son was diagnosed with a rare brain disease in 2009 aged 9. He is now 19. He was given a prognosis of 2 years to live, but with all we have done for him he is thankfully still with us. We as a family have done most things on our own for him  for years till we finally got awarded CHC funding. The disabled world isnt an easy one to live in! He has complex needs ranging from poor vision, to speech impediment, to loss of mobility, coordination, motor skills etc, he is 24/7 care.


He is now struggling with the world around him, he wants to be independent of his family but doesn't know how to, he is suffering with depression, anxiety and is very lost and frustrated  and this has resulted in him  taking it out on his nearest and dearest. He was getting very violent towards us, lashing out, and very distressed.


We were getting very desperate at home of how to try to help him and it is so painful as a mother to watch him suffer. He was giving up on life, refusing to eat, drink even sleep! we have been beside ourselves with worry, so I started to research who could possibly help us, and I found Shelley Park.


I called and explained the situation and was told that someone would call me back. Which Sam did, and I thank my lucky starts he said he could help us!


Sam and Debbie came out and reviewed our situation  and came up with a plan to help us. Then followed a visit from Tasa who went through all our sons needs prior to starting. We also went along and visited the bungalow and met the staff involved prior to him starting there.


So our son now is under the care of Shelley Park, living in one of their bungalows, he has a personalised care plan, he is eating, drinking and sleeping. The three things he does not do when he is unhappy. Shelley Park are basically rehabilitating him, teaching him the life skills he needs, assisting him in every day life, and helping him now to carve out a future for himself, together with therapy sessions, everything he needs to help him deal with whats happened to him and to look forward to his future, and to accept his condition and move on.


As a mother its been very hard letting go, as I've always done everything for him, but I can honestly say I'll rest easy knowing he is being looked after and being treated so well. Its a process we are all going through as a family,  I can honestly say I am so relieved in finding Shelley Park as I literally did not know which way to turn. The weight has been lifted, and they are even helping get him a decent wheelchair which I have always struggled to get him. Everything has been a up hill battle till now!


The staff are absolutely amazing! I've met most of them now, they are all so friendly yet professional, caring and understanding. The staff I have met all love working for Shelley Park which I found very comforting, and they all say what an amazing place it is. And it is!


Thank you all, you are all amazing people."


"West Hampshire CCG Acquired Brain Injury Team commission intensive therapy packages for post acute patients – Shelley Park has been requested to assess and provide treatment to several of our patients, the patients have had positive outcomes and have either gone on to return home to live with their families or to be discharged into a care setting but having regained more function.

We find communicating with SPNCC positive and they are willing to use all the pathway and reporting procedures requested by WHCCG, whilst our working relationship is at present in its infancy it is proving to be successful so far."

Suzanne Kidman
ABI Therapy Case Manager

Business Meeting
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